Nurses And Midwives Strike Going Ahead This Morning

Nurses And Midwives Strike Going Ahead This Morning

Nurses and midwives are mid-strike at the moment, since 8 am this morning, after deliberations between the State Officials and the IMNO (Irish Midwives and Nurses Organisation) concluded with the Labour court stating it will not intervene, causing the nurses and midwives to go ahead with the strike this morning.

37,000 nurses will be striking this morning outside hospitals all over the country in protest against working conditions and insufficient pay for Irish nurses. Nurses are hoping for a 12% increase in wages, which they believe will increase working conditions, recruitment and retention within the health service in Ireland.

A Claire Byrne/The Journal poll of 1,000 participants revealed that 74% of people are in support of the Nurses strike, with 17% saying they didn't agree with it, and 9% saying they didn't know.

This overwhelming support has been obvious among the public, with most of us knowing someone who works as a nurse in Ireland under tough conditions.


The HSE has said that 13,000 patients will have their outpatient appointments cancelled, and another 2,000 patients will have their surgeries cancelled and will have to stay home. These patients will be given priority in the weeks to come to receive their surgeries.

This brings a risk to the emergency services, especially for A&E departments. The HSE has warned the public not use these services unless completely necessary.

Community services that will be impacted are day centres for the elderly, outpatient services and health centre clinics and routine home visits.

GP services will be operating as normal.

The HSE said that the elderly and patients with intellectual disabilities services will be impacted.


Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe said that fufilling the nurses pay increase demand will cause 'leapfrogging' claims from other public services.

In an event of a major emergency during the strike, HSE said there will be an emergency response.

The INMO strike will continue for 24 hours into Thursday morning.


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