The Top 10 Bookies' Favourites For The Name Of The New Royal Baby

The Top 10 Bookies' Favourites For The Name Of The New Royal Baby

What's better than a royal? A very, very tiny royal who can't fend for themselves; in short, a royal baby. Thankfully, there's another one of the way as Prince William and Kate Middleton have announced that they are pregnant with their third child - and by 'they' I mean Kate Middleton, William is not pregnant.

There's nothing that quite shows the folly of celebrity like the excitement generated around the announcement of a small human that will be born into unimaginable luxury. It's not just one of your regular boring, run-of-the-mill babies, it's a royal baby. The couple already have two children, George and Charlotte. Not content with this however, and seemingly determined to further push the crown out of reach of his brother Harry, the couple are flaunting their virile fertility with the announcement of this newest addition to their royal crew.

With the announcement still fresh, betting sites, like Paddy Power, are already taking bets on what the baby's name will be. Alice and Victoria are early front-runners at 10/1, while Boris and Anastasia are floundering in last at odds of 100/1.

Here are the 10 baby names with the shortest odds they have listed. At this stage in proceedings, with us not even knowing the gender of the baby, it is literally nothing but a list of random names:


Alice 8/1
Arthur 10/1
Henry 10/1
Victoria 10/1
Alexandra 12/1
Mary 12/1
Grace 14/1
Frederick 14/1
Albert 14/1
Olivia 16/1

However, if there was any real justice in this world, and if the monarchy were at all concerned about showing their ability to keep pace with the times, they would bow to democracy. They would surely open the naming of their baby to the public and conduct a poll, similar to the 'Boaty McBoatface' fiasco. Here's to hopefully welcoming the birth of 'Royalty O'Royale-With-Cheese' in 2018, but we must wait and see.

Rory McNab

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