Here's What Trump Pulling Out Of The Paris Climate Agreement Means For The US

Here's What Trump Pulling Out Of The Paris Climate Agreement Means For The US

As you've probably been made aware of, last night Trump made an announcement that the US would be withdrawing support from the Paris Climate Agreement. This devastating news is just another act of Trump's clear denial of climate change.

Cities around the world have been lighting up landmarks green to show support for the Paris Climate Agreement, including American cities. This is an act of defiance against the president's ruling. If you're trying to wrap your head around it all, we've summed up the main points of the agreement so you can know what's going on.

The Twitter account @ConversationEDU has summarised the entire agreement and highlighted the most important points. The agreement in its entirety is to try and reduce Co2 emissions on a global level and stop climate change before it's too late.

1. Warming levels

The agreement aims to prevent countries from having a temperature increase of more than 1.5°C. As the US emits an insane amount of the world's fossil fuels (15% to be exact), the world's goal will be significantly harder to achieve.



2. Emit less Carbon

We all have to make an effort to emit fewer fossil fuels. The Paris Agreement wants global emissions to peak as soon as possible and to remove all greenhouse gases between 2050 and 2100. As Trump wants to reinstate coal mines and factory jobs, the US will be producing more carbon than ever before.


 3. Countries will have the pledge to the agreement every five years

This is in order to make sure countries emit less and less in order for the world to meet the target. Environmentalists are worried that other leaders will now follow Trump's decision, which will mean more droughts, the melting of the polar ice-caps, animals dying and water being polluted – all for "American workers".

Upon hearing the news, The Weather Channel even decided to put up a post highlighting how his decision will directly affect the weather:

Just to put this all in perspective, the only other countries who are against the deal are Syria and Nicaragua. And Nicaragua aren't part of it because they felt the Paris Agreement didn't go far enough. Just let that sink in a bit.

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