Watch: Woman Shares How The 8th Amendment Forced Her To Travel For Healthcare

Watch: Woman Shares How The 8th Amendment Forced Her To Travel For Healthcare

In advance of tomorrow's vote on whether Ireland will repeal the 8th Amendment, there has been no shortage of women sharing their incredibly moving stories about traveling to the UK for the necessary terminations they are legally denied in Ireland. However, with the moratorium for the main national broadcasters set to kick in today from 2pm, last night's final prime-time television debate on TV3's The Pat Kenny show proffered up perhaps one of the most hard-hitting of these stories. One audience memeber, Saoirse, shared her experience of traveling for an abortion with the audience and detailed why it was imperative for all Irish women that the majority of the Irish electorate vote 'Yes' on Friday.

Visibly emotional, Saoirse revealed that after she underwent a termination she was left to walk around Birmingham for six hours holding a hot-water bottle to her stomach because she could not receive basic health care in Ireland, her home.

Hundreds of famous faces and Twitter users shared their support and praise for Saoirse for being so brave and honest sharing her story:


Senator Ronan Mullen's reaction to Saoirse, who was arguing for a No vote, alongisde Iona Institute member Maria Steen, caused serious debate online with many calling for the Senator to not be re-elected to the Seanad.


Viewers and voters took particular offense to Mullen's comments about mental health. People strongly reacted to the line "mental health has no evidence base":


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