People Are Up In Arms Over A Few Unshaven Armpit Hairs In Nike Ad

People Are Up In Arms Over A Few Unshaven Armpit Hairs In Nike Ad

Nike recently uploaded a picture on Instagram showing the model and musician Annahstasia Enuke as part of a womenswear campaign. In the image, Annahstasia has one arm raised exposing a small amount of unshaven armpit hair and these few stray hairs have divided the internet.


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Many social media users are praising Nike for featuring a natural look that defies traditional beauty standards. One social media follower commented  'We need more freedom in this world to do what we will with our bodies without someone trying to shame'. However, not all comments are positive as many expressed outrage and disgust at the unshaven armpit hair.

Some followers simply commented 'ew' or no 'thanks' and others accused the Sportswear brand of sending us back to 'caveman times'. Another user commented on Instagram "Like please don't get me wrong I'm delighted that this woman is brave enough to go around like that...but that's horrible,". While another wrote, "This is not freedom, this is not a type of 'I love my body,' this is bullshit, shave that shit."

This isn't the first time a sportswear brand has come under fire for showing visible hair on a model for a womenswear campaign. In 2017, Swedish model and artist Arvida Byström, displayed her unshaven legs in a campaign for Adidas Originals. Again, there was major backlash from this campaign, people voiced their outrage a disgust in the comments and Byström even had threats sent to her DM inbox.


This latest campaign highlights that while society has embraced more diverse beauty standards, there is still so much stigma around women exposing body hair. It's hair we all have it, get a grip.

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