Donegal Priest Hands Out Letters "From The Dead" About Election

Donegal Priest Hands Out Letters "From The Dead" About Election

A priest in Donegal has handed out letters to locals "from the dead" telling them how to vote in the upcoming election. The letter told people to vote for Dermot Hardy, a candidate for the political party Aontú in the Milford area of Donegal. The letters accompanied a leaflet for Hardy. Aontú have distanced themselves from the letter, and are looking into it.

The "dead" condemn the repealing of the 8th amendment, and are "disturbed" by it. Those who supported Repeal will go to heaven with "blood on their hands, on their conscience - the blood of unborn children" and loved ones will not be able to see us.

The shocking letter goes on at length about abortion, it states:

How would you yourself like to have been aborted, say when you were 10 weeks old?  How would you feel if another member of your family, or a cousin, had been aborted - or someone not related at all, but who is now your closest friend? Yet our politicians, those who represent us in Dáil Éireann, have legalised this abhorrent crime. What sort of people are they?




Dermot Hardy, the candidate in question, is a retired teacher, and "a candidate of the highest integrity, and wholeheartedly pro-life."

Aontú is Ireland's fastest growing political party, led by Peadar Toibín. Founded in January of this year, they are also Ireland's newest political party.

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