Watch: Presenting The Worst Irish Political Campaign Video Ever

Watch: Presenting The Worst Irish Political Campaign Video Ever

Earlier this week, we had the best campaign video with Ben Gilroy, due to the bizarre yet hilarious nature of it, but now we have one on the opposite end of the scale. Maria Walsh released her campaign video today, and it is pretty much the worst thing ever. The former Rose of Tralee is running in the midlands north-west constituency for Fine Gael.

Given how much bad press Fine Gael are getting lately, thanks to Eoghan Murphy having a very tenuous grasp on reality, this is quite badly timed.

Appealing to our nostalgia, Maria asks us to remember back to a certain time when some things happened. There were sweets in shops and artists released music. All things crucial to a political campaign. Most importantly, she asks us do we remember when Mary Robinson was elected. It's impressive that Maria Walsh does, considering she was barely three years old when it happened.

People on Twitter really were not having it.



Not a good look at all for poor Maria. So badly timed, given the party's reputation currently, it really could've waited. Better yet, someone could've realised what a terrible idea this was.

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Joe O'Gorman

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