Irish Café Given The Green Light To Sell Cannabis

Irish Café Given The Green Light To Sell Cannabis

While the fight to legalise marijuana across the word continues, one café is doing their bit to help customers benefit from the positive effects of cannabis.

Blooms Café on John Street in Waterford will be the first place in Ireland to legally sell marijuana in bud form.

Customers can enjoy the relaxing elements of the plant as it does not contain high levels of THC and thus does not contravene drug laws in Ireland. Known as Strawberry Cough, the cannabis contains high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) for relaxation and stress relief but its low THC content passes EU regulations.

The café was nearly forced to close down after Gardaí took all the plants on the premises for testing. Sharing a post on Facebook, the café revealed the plants have been returned and they're opening back up this weekend. The café wanted to thank customers for their "positive energy":


The buds are not allowed to be smoked on the premises but are available to buy from Saturday 1 December from 8 am.

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