Pope's Visit To Ireland Could Impact Students Searching For Accommodation

Pope's Visit To Ireland Could Impact Students Searching For Accommodation

Any students searching for accommodation in the last academic year will know the struggle all too well. Students could face an additional challenge looking for accommodation in Dublin in the autumn, the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) warns.

The Union of Students in Ireland believe the Pope's visit in August could play havoc with those searching for a place to live. The World Meeting Of Families will take place in Dublin from the 21 - 26 August just after the CAO results are announced which will put considerable pressure on students to find accommodation. Students attending colleges in the greater Dublin area will be most affected.

Currently, over 22,000 people are registered to attend the event. According to The Vatican, Pope Francis, the 266th Pope, will be cleansing all those who attend the event in Dublin of their sins. If you cannot attend due to illness or personal reasons the Vatican is suggesting you recite Our Father in the name of families.

Michael Kerrigan, USI President, is encouraging students to find accommodation earlier than August:

We would advise students to seek accommodation for the academic year much earlier than August where possible as there is still a considerable shortage. For first year students waiting on offers from the CAO, we would advise not making any payments of deposits or rent until you have seen the property and you know who the landlord it. We would also encourage students to consider Digs style accommodation available on our website


The  CAO first round of results will be issued from the 20th of August, a day before the World Meeting Of Families begins. Pope John Paul II was the last Pope to visit Ireland back in 1979.

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