Watch: Outrage As Priest Angrily Slaps Crying Baby During Baptism

Watch: Outrage As Priest Angrily Slaps Crying Baby During Baptism

The Catholic Church has never been renowned for its first rate child-care and a video that has recently emerged, showing a priest slapping a distressed infant at a baptismal ceremony, demonstrates that they remain distressingly true to form.

The video, posted on Youtube, shows an elderly priest clutching a hysterical child during the child's baptism. The priest, clearly growing irate at the child's evident discomfort, initially grips the baby by the head in a manner that is reminiscent of perhaps either a vulture or how one of those arcade claw machines would clutch its young. At this point the baby's mother and a man standing behind her, presumably the father, begin to look uncomfortable at how forcefully the priest is holding the child.

To the shock of the gathered crowd, the priest then slaps the child in the face. The family, clearly so appalled by the priest's actions, don't know how to react at first and pause in horror before the father then attempts to wrest the still weeping child from the priest's arms - who clings to the child's head.


It is unclear exactly where the incident took place, though those in the video are speaking French so perhaps either in France, Canada or some French territory in the Caribbean, but regardless, another heinous act by a Catholic priest is, however shocking, unfortunately not that surprising.


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