#Pumpkinbutt Is The New Absurd Social Media Trend

#Pumpkinbutt Is The New Absurd Social Media Trend

This one really takes the biscuit. Mothers and Fathers have started to hop on the absurd new #pumpkinbutt craze.

The phenomenon is when a parent uploads a picture to social media of their naked baby with a pumpkin painted over their rear. This is the end times people.

I would have thought parents would have been slightly more cautious when uploading naked pictures of their babies to the internet but hey, what do I know.

The trend surely could have been #pumpkinface, or #pumpkintummy? But no, the executive decision was made to plague the internet with pictures of naked babies with arses painted like baboons! Baboons I tell ya!

I can just imagine the conversations in 10 years time:

"Mam, why is there a bunch of pictures of my naked arse plastered all over the internet?"

"Ah, son it was a bit of a trend back in the day, got a heap of likes off it"


"Can I go live with Dad?"

Now I'm all for embarrassing family photos, but only if they are for the viewing of your blood relatives.

#pumpkinbutt ????

A post shared by Lauren (@haylaur23) on

#pumpkinbutt ????

A post shared by Lauren (@haylaur23) on

If we let things like pumpkin butt go unchecked how long will it be until we see #cabbagearse, #applegooch & *shudder* #bananalanger.

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