A Raccoon Scales A Giant Building And Becomes An Internet Sensation

A Raccoon Scales A Giant Building And Becomes An Internet Sensation

Last night Twitter went into a frenzy over a raccoon. Yes, a raccoon.

But this isn’t any normal raccoon, this raccoon scaled the side of one of the tallest skyscrapers in Minnesota, after going nearly two days without food or water.

People online have been keeping up with this unraveling story since he was found on the ledge of the Town Square two days ago, supposedly attempting to get at a pigeon nest, but getting stuck instead.

The raccoon was removed from the Town Square only to start climbing the neighbouring UPS building, a 23-floor skyscraper.


People in the UBS building in Minnesota have been snapping pictures of the raccoon at every floor he reaches, and it’s so cute! The raccoon even stopped to do some grooming during his tour.


Animal control has live traps waiting for the raccoon at the top of the building, along with cat food. People were watching the raccoon scale the building all day until he finally made it to the top.

But what comes up, must come down. Instead of choosing to go towards the safety of food, the ballsy raccoon began to climb down the building. This time, much faster than he was going up. In the space of 15 minutes, he had nearly made it most of the way down.

Minnesota Journalist Tim Nelson has been reporting from the scene all evening and the last thing he said was that the raccoon was climbing back UP the building. Is this a super-raccoon??

We'll be keeping a close eye on this racoons journey, and you should too. Search the #mprraccoon hashtag on Twitter.

Grainne Sharkey

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