Guess Who's Back: The Repeal Mural Has Found A New Home In Dublin

Guess Who's Back: The Repeal Mural Has Found A New Home In Dublin

The controversial Repeal the 8th mural is back after being removed by the Project Arts Centre a number of days ago.

The mural painted by the artist Maser has been removed twice in the last two years by Dublin City Council and the Charity Regulator but has found its home at the Amnesty International Ireland Building. The mural lasted just two weeks before Project Arts Centre, funded by charitable donations, were forced to cover its message as it did not comply with charity regulations.

Journalist Una Mullally and The HunReal Issues, who commissioned the Maser painting, both tweeted about this epic moment:


Sean Mc Bride House on Fleet Street will be the new home of the Repeal logo and Amnesty International Ireland will not be removing the mural anytime soon. Amnesty International Ireland’s Executive Director, Colm O’Gorman, said:

no matter how hard the other side try to paint over the issue, the Eighth Amendment causes women immense harm and suffering. This mural is a testament to the unwavering spirit of those who have campaigned for 35 years for its repeal. We hope that after 25 May, ‘Repeal the 8th’ need no longer be the rallying cry for those concerned for women’s dignity and equality.

Earlier this week activists spoke out against the mural being painted over with many considering the move an act of censorship.

Long may the new mural shine.

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