Russell Brand's Recording A Show With The Happy Pear In Greystones

Russell Brand's Recording A Show With The Happy Pear In Greystones

The bad boy turned woken angel Russell Brand will be visiting Irish shores to record a live podcast with Ireland's very own The Happy Pear.

David and Stephen Flynn, the vegan twins who swim in the Irish sea every morning, will be chatting to the former actor about their famous cafe The Happy Pear, life in the slow lane and hopefully how they became pals with Brand.

The twins posted a photo with Russell only a week ago so we're guessing this whole live podcast episode was a last minute decision and it's actually kind of sweet.

Brand is obsessed with the concept of veganism and would regularly post on his Youtube channel about his attempts at living a vegan-friendly life so it's no surprise his featuring the duo on his Under The Skin podcast.

Radhanath Swami, a world-renowned spiritual teacher, will join Brand at 6 pm before he sits down the Happy Pear.


If you fancy watching to The Happy Pear and Russell Brand talk about veganism or the meaning of life, the chat will take place at The Whale Theatre, Greystones, a two-minute walk from the Happy Pear cafe next Tuesday, 21 August, from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Click here to book your tickets.

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