It's Holiday Time! Ryanair Announce Massive Flash Sale

It's Holiday Time! Ryanair Announce Massive Flash Sale

Ryanair are sorry. They are so very sorry. They know they have messed up through the year and have inconvenienced hundreds of thousands of people at different points - but, if there is one true meaning to Christmas, it is to forgive those who have wronged you in exchange for material reimbursement.

Well, Ryanair have really taken this on board and have of late been pinning their hopes of renewing some positivity around their brand by slinging sales about like they're going out of fashion. Today is no different. They have announced a 20% seat sale - on offer until midnight tomorrow - for anyone booking flights between April and July.

Now, I don't know about you, but I barely know what I will be getting up to this evening, let alone that far in the future. Though if the past few nights have been anything to go by, my evening will probably involve eating a medically inadvisable amount of food so that I wake, feverish and shivering, in the middle of the night, desperately dehydrated, my aching body still plump with a gluttony of rich meats and a near diabetes-inducing level of chocolate coursing through my beleaguered veins.

In 4 months, I may very well be dead. If not from this over-indulgence, then quit possibly at the merciless hands of some Ryanair sanctioned hit-squad who have tracked me down and had me disposed of for mildly slating the company's tarnished public image every time I am forced to write an article documenting one of their incessant slew of sales.


If however you have your shit sufficiently together that you are already in a position to begin planning your early summer holidays - and are in no danger of being taken out by any hypothetical hit-squads, shadily sponsored by budget airlines - then swing by their website and see what destinations offer themselves up to your perusal.

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Rory McNab

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