Snapchat Celebrates 420- Look What They've Done.

420- The sacred marijuana holiday that rolls around each year. "How to celebrate?" I hear you say... Well Snapchat has unveiled a new Bob Marley filter with that reason in mind. The new filter not only turns you into a dreadlock rasta but also gives you a very controversial and convincing- Illusion of a digital 'blackface'. Digital though, is digital blackface ok? I want it to be because this is kind of brilliant.

Now I am a bit surprised this idea got the green light to go ahead because- 2016. It makes your features kind of mix with Bob's and it's like a really mad looking hybrid, but also very like Bob Marley himself. It's creepy and it's fun. It's got extra lol factor because 'Buffalo Soldier' is playing in the background and you have to laugh at the mad transformation of your face.

Video: Snapchat's Latest Filter Promotes Digital Blackfacing


Credit: wochit News

College Times Staff

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