New Law To Fine Drivers €80 If Stopped Without Licence

New Law To Fine Drivers €80 If Stopped Without Licence

After the introduction of zero tolerance drink driving in November, a new set of speeding penalties will be introduced to Irish motorists.

The Government will consider introducing the laws which will change our penalty system. Currently, all motorists are fined the same under Irish law regardless of how fast they're driving but the new law would see this changed.

If a motorist is caught speeding, the limit of their speeding will indicate the result of their fine. One example of an increased penalty is motorists who are caught traveling between 10 and 20kmh over the limit would be fined €150 and get four penalty points.

If the motorist is caught driving over 20km and a repeat offender than the new bill will see stricter penalties for those motorists. If a motorist refuses to pay a speeding, the offender will be brought to court and given five penalty points and a fine up €1,000.

Motorists unable to present a licence when stopped by An Garda Siochana will be fined €80 instead of the current rule which allows motorists a grace period to present their licence at their local Garda Station.

Transport Minister Shane Ross is expected to bring an outline of the new law, the Road Traffic Bill 2018, to Cabinet in the coming weeks. The existing fine is €80 and three penalty points, regardless of the speed.

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Garret Farrell

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