New Instagram Update Means You'll 100% Know What's Sponsored

New Instagram Update Means You'll 100% Know What's Sponsored

We all love nothing more than having an aul' stalk on Instagram. Sometimes you can get distracted by glitzy photo shoots and products that look out of this world. All of sudden your debit card's in your hand and you're buying a mug and set of pens you really don't need.

Bloggers and content creators are known for being sponsored but they're so good at it, it's hard to tell when you're being sold something. Now Instagram has come up with a nifty way of showing us what's sponsored or an ad.

Today, Instagram is revealing a  "branded content tool". The company said it would help to create "a healthy community (that) should be open and consistent about paid partnerships”.

Irish legislation was enforced in January this year that encourages all sponsored content to include the hashtags sponsored or ad. The hashtag must be included if the social media expert or blogger is being paid to promote the product. The legislation does not include promoting free products.


Instagram and social media, in general, is known for creating alternative or embellishing certain events. The Fyre Festival was sold as a glamorous camping and music event but paying customers were left with chaos and dirt.  The clarification of who is getting paid will help to make the experience more genuine. The post will include a "paid partnership with" subhead on the post.

Garret Farrell

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