Counsellors Are Calling Out UL For Not Cracking Down On Bad Student Behaviour

Counsellors Are Calling Out UL For Not Cracking Down On Bad Student Behaviour

The University of Limerick is accused of not doing enough to combat UL students bad behaviour.

According to the Limerick Leader, complaints have been frequently received about the antisocial behaviour that is happening on housing estates near the campus.

At a meeting, the Travel and Transportation SPC, a group of Castleroy-based councillors, called upon Limerick City and County Council to “force” UL to do more to combat "illegal parking and littering".

The meeting proposed a motion calling for additional traffic wardens and litter wardens as one councillor said the area had been  “turned into a student village”. Councillors agreed that UL was not taking responsibility for the wider community.

Cllr Michael Sheahan said the UL campus is “spick and span" and is well maintained but the University is doing very little to maintain the housing estates where thousands of students are living. The councillor continued with:

They (UL) will not look out over the wall to look at what its students are doing... They have the resources, they have the bodies and they should be forced to take responsibility.

The council only has limited powers in one housing estate, College Court, which is governed by traffic laws. Traffic wardens patrol the area once a fortnight but this will increase from September. Mr Lehane suggested that housing estates may be a public health risk:


House to house calls are done in cases where wheeled bins are overflowing and where gardens are littered

The University of Limerick has not commented on the remarks made during the meeting.

Are these housing estates poorly maintained by UL? Are students being unnecessarily blamed? Let us know in the comment section.

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