Storm Aileen Is Here, And She Is Positively Gusty

Storm Aileen Is Here, And She Is Positively Gusty

The first storm of the Irish storm season is on its way. Aileen, may sound like a friendly rural baby-sitter but it is in fact the name of this here storm that is set to engulf our little island over the next 24 hours or so.

Met Eireann announced a weather warning yesterday for eight counties; Dublin, Wexford, Wicklow, Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Waterford which is to take effect from 2pm today. Aileen is nothing if not gusty. Wind speeds are expected to reach 110kp/h at their peak in certain parts and Aileen is going to absolutely drench parts of the country with a deluge of water.

The weather warning is predominantly for the Southern portion of the country, however it's believed that the Aileen is saving her worst for England and that we will only be a stopover as she makes her way across the Irish Sea.


It is unclear whether they actually go so far as to Christen each storm that achieves named status, but I like to imagine that right now, in the clouds above us, there is a hot air-balloon bearing a very flustered Evelyn Cusack as she furiously hurls holy water at the approaching weather system and screaming 'Aileen' at it.

Stay safe.

Rory McNab

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