Student Scammed Out Of €600 By Fake Landlord Tells Us What Happened

Student Scammed Out Of €600 By Fake Landlord Tells Us What Happened

The renting crisis in Dublin has caused serious stress for young people up and down the country. In the last 24 hours, two stories have broken of students being scammed after handing over hefty deposits. A student scammed of over €600 spoke to Collegetimes and shares what happened and what advice she'd give to students who are searching for accommodation.

Sophie Taylor, a 19-year-old student from Westmeath, paid €600 euro for her deposit in an elaborate scam targeted at students. Sophie arrived at the property, 50 Middle Abbey Street, and was told she had been scammed by the actual owner of the property who only rented rooms out to tourists.

How did the scammer manage to get away with it? Sophie was on a closed forum on Facebook when she saw an ad and got in touch with her "supposed" future housemate. The housemate gave her photos of the address and an email address for Sophie to correspond with the landlord. The landlord pressured Sophie and she panicked as she, like so many students, was in need of accommodation.

I was sent the bank details and a lease. They kept pressuring me to pay the deposit before seeing the place, which I was originally not going to do. But a day before the viewing they were saying somebody else had been interested and had seen the property to which I panicked and sent over the deposit.

Sophie had a similar experience to the Trinity College student we mentioned earlier today. Charlotte Kershaw, a student from Trinity College Dublin, transferred €1,450 to a fake landlord who disguised themselves as the previous tenant, landlord, and future housemate.

Sophie shared what she would recommend to students who are searching for accommodation:


Just never cave under the pressure these scam artists put on you. Never ignore the red flags that pop up no matter how small they are.

To read more about the current renting scams happening two students in Dublin click the link below.

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