Tayto Have Just Released Spice Bag Flavoured Crisps

Tayto Have Just Released Spice Bag Flavoured Crisps

Your journey to get your spice bag fix has just gotten a whole lot easier and affordable as the Tayto legend himself has just released a spice bag flavoured crisp for the public to try.

Tayto announced its journey to find a new flavour back in February with the public voted on their favourite Irish flavour crisp. After an online vote, spice bag came out on top of classic flavours like Sunday Roast, Breakfast Roll, and Curry Sauce.

The spice bag flavour won with 51% of the vote which showcases just how popular these spicy bags of chips have become in Ireland. The spice bag has even overtaken sales of the classic 3 in 1.


The spicy crisp is now available nationwide for a short period.

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