Temperatures To Hit A Comfortable 20 Degrees This Easter Weekend

Temperatures To Hit A Comfortable 20 Degrees This Easter Weekend

The last few days seem to be one of the colder weeks of Spring so far, with weather warnings being issued left, right and center, causing us to be trapped inside, dreaming of the days that we can go to the beach, or even sit out in our gardens without having to hold down your chairs from being whisked away by the outrageously fast winds.

Well, fear not and hold on to that decking chair because Met √Čireann have promised (and I will hold them to this promise) that this weekend will see highs of 20 degrees across the country for the long, Easter weekend.

It's very much needed, and healthy for us to get our daily dose of warmth, but we've been let downover the last while, so now this is our week.

"For the rest of the coming week, apart from a few light showers, it looks like it will be mainly dry with sunny spells," said the forecaster.

The next day or two will see some rain, wind and damp weather, but will start to clear up come Wednesday evening, with some light patches of rain, and the temperature reaching 15 degrees before the weekend comes into effect.


"Becoming warmer with sunny spells and light winds. Highs of 13 to 18 degrees, coolest along the east coast in the easterly wind. Dry with clear spells on Thursday night with lows of 5 to 8 degrees."


Oh, it's getting there..


"Dry and sunny with highs of 16 to 20 degrees, highest in the west. Light easterly winds."

It smells like summer! From Friday onwards we can expect a constant flow of warm weather, high temperatures, and perfect 'long walks on the beach' weather for us to enjoy on our long weekend, giving us an excuse to escape the house for a little bit, and get some exercise in between Easter egg munching.


"Continuing mild for the weekend but the highest temperatures will shift to the east on Saturday as cloud increases in the west. Highs of 15 to 20 degrees in light winds."

Get your shorts out!

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