The Anonymous Galway Player FINALLY Reveals His Identity

The Anonymous Galway Player FINALLY Reveals His Identity

Irish dating guru, The Galway Player has finally revealed his true identity after five years undercover.

The undercover blogger who's best known for dishing out love advice to hopeless Irish singletons, wrote on his blog why he decided to reveal his true identity.

"Dear Galway Player, he wrote.

“This is the strangest letter I’ve ever had to write but it’s been a while coming. Just over five years ago after an exasperated conversation about the world of dating you were born. It was impossible to predict then the profound change of my life the simple act of setting up a twitter account.

In all honestly I was struggling at that time, struggling with my confidence, self esteem and my direction in life. Despite my amazing friends and family I felt lost and it took you, an alter ego, a fictional character to teach me who I really am.

The joy and happiness that I have experienced thanks this blog over that has been immeasurable, but more importantly resulted in my personal development and the restoration of my self-confidence. I have truly never been happier, working in my dream job as part of the marking team for An Púcán, The Connacht Hotel and Active Fitness.

The world of blogging has taught me more about life and myself that I ever imagined. Marketing is about standing out and I certainly achieved that, maybe I took the saying that ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ a little too far but I am so proud of my achievements with this sometimes divisive character.

If you told me six years ago that I would have written a book on dating and have a regular segment on national radio giving advice, I’d have laughed, proof I guess that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Being anonymous was both the best and worst thing about that blog, now however is the time to part ways. The Shift and Drift lifestyle was a lot of fun but it’s time for me and the blog to move on to the next step. I have been fortunate to work with amazing companies in the past and look forward to working with more and sharing my personal thoughts and experiences.

I have developed a previously unknown love of writing and a passion for fashion and male grooming, I hope that the next stage of the Galway Player Blog can be a source of reference to Irish typical Irish guys, like myself.

As a final farewell he wrote, 'From the bottom of my heart thanks so much to everyone that I’ve met and has supported me on this journey, far too many to mention here. So Galway’s worst kept secret is officially out, see you all soon. Kieran O Malley'.

So there you go lads, everything isn't as it seems.



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