What This Guy Did To Try Get A Date Is Genius And Most Definitely Gas

What This Guy Did To Try Get A Date Is Genius And Most Definitely Gas

Have you ever wanted to date someone so badly you'd do anything to get their attention? Well, this guy knows how you feel! Joe Adams,  a student at Michigan State University, decided to upload a 'dating resume' under a girls comment to find her friend a date on Facebook - are dating résumés a thing now? Here are all the details you need to prove this actually happened:


This was the hilarious message posted by the girls roommate on a Facebook group - Ashely we'd kill you!


Joe was absolutely over the moon and had been sitting on this material for quite some time



Joes CV is full helpful information. He doesn't "objectify women for the sake of getting ass" is included in his interests. His skills include replying to long texts and my personal fave: "Crying during Marley & me".


Alot of Joe's time is spent doing the "academic grind" and attending religious functions - we're not sure either! He makes bomb playlists though!




Joe was rejected by the girl but has set his sights higher! He's attempting to fulfil a dream and get on the Ellen Degeneres show. Why not tweet #GetJoeyonEllen and help the guy out!



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