The New York Times Misspelled Cork So Wrong It Hurts

The New York Times Misspelled Cork So Wrong It Hurts

The New York Times misspelled Cork so incorrectly you'll no doubt wince in pain. The publication is considered one of the most respectable and well-read newspapers on the planet, but they made a serious boo-boo this week that was picked up by some proud Cork natives.

The newspaper had to publish a correction apologising for obviously completely mis-spelling the People's Republic. The correction reads, The vow column last Sunday, about the marriage of Sunny Jacobs and Peter Pringle, mis-spelled the name of the city in Ireland where Ms. Jacobs had a speaking engagement. It is Cork, not quark.'

QUARK. Yes, someone actually spelled Cork, Quark – like the yogurt. It's safe to say people who spotted the correction were not happy about it;


For a city that has produced some of the world's most famous artists, actors, sportspeople and poets. (ahem Cillian Murphy, Roy Keane, Michael Collins, Frank O'Connor, to name a few) We hope Cork natives everywhere spread the message because whoever made that mistake deserves a serious word.


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Ciara Finnegan

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