The Popes First Stop In Ireland Will Involve Miggeldy Higgins

The Popes First Stop In Ireland Will Involve Miggeldy Higgins

The Pope is expected to preach in front of an army of 600,000 strong Catholics in Phoenix Park this August.

Before he resurrects a sizeable army since the White Walkers of Game Of Thrones, Pope Francis will be sitting down for tea and biscuits with Ireland's President Michael D. Higgins.

The Pope will be straight off the plane and into Phoenix Park to visit the man himself in Áras An Uachtaráin. A public reception will welcome to the Presidents home followed by a meeting and reception with Miggeldy.

It's not the first time Miggeldy will meet the Pope. Back in 2017 the President and Sabrina, his wife, met Pope Francis at the Vatican. The image was referred to as Bilbo Baggins meeting Gandalf the White, both looking  a bit worse for wear:


Earlier this year, former President Mary McAleese was denied the right to speak at the Vatican after being invited. She referred to the Catholic Church as an 'empire of misogyny' as the Church continues to avoid giving women positions of power or to bless same-sex marriages.

The Pope is expected to visit Knock, host a feast of the families in Croke Park and visit homeless families at the Capuchin Fathers centre.

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