Gollum Plays A 'Precious' Theresa May In Campaign Video Against Brexit

Gollum Plays A 'Precious' Theresa May In Campaign Video Against Brexit

For a small few, Brexit feels like a crucial step forward for a country losing its sense of identity, but for the majority its presence feels more like the harbinger of some terrifying dystopia.

While the key players of Brexit might be secretly out to ruin humankind, the British Prime Minister Theresa May remains the central figure and torch carrier for the Leave campaign. May continues to insist that her deal is the best deal for the United Kingdom and, of course, it reminded the Remain campaign of another obsessed character - Gollum.

Gollum was The Lord Of The Rings version of Dobby The House Elf but was more likely to rob and gut you in your sleep than ask you for a sock.

The geniuses behind the Remain campaign, who are opting for a second Brexit vote instead of leaving the European Union, managed to convince Gollum, played by Andy Serkis, to recreate May in all her glory.

Dressed in May's traditional blue suit and grey bob, Serkis clutches the secret Brexit deal in a video entitled "Leaked: Footage From Inside No. 10 Downing Street".

While hilarious, after a couple of moments the dialogue and image become terrifyingly familiar and you can't help but be feel Gollum will go to great lengths to protect his magic ring:


Twitter users celebrated the release of the video, even if they did feel kind of bad for the Tory Leader:



The Prime Minister may be forced to resign if the UK Parliment votes down her Brexit deal this Tuesday.

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