"Train Surfing" Becomes A Dangerous New Trend In Dublin

"Train Surfing" Becomes A Dangerous New Trend In Dublin

Internet trends can range from the tame cinnamon challenge to the dangerous "hot water challenge". Now, another internet trend has made its way to Ireland - "train surfing".

A Dublin woman was waiting left gobsmacked after seeing two teenage lads "train surfing" between the carriages of a high-speed train in Killester. According to the woman, who spoke to The Irish Mirror, the pair calmly chatted as they sat between the carriages on Saturday afternoon.

In the UK the "train surfing" trend has caused the deaths of six people and the Mayor of Dublin Micheal Mac Donncha said he feared copycats in the wake of the incident in Killester.

This is not a joke, they’re taking their lives in their hands. I am very concerned at this and that there might be copycat behaviour because this will inevitably result in a fatality...This idea that all but a few stations have no staff, isn’t acceptable. Nothing good can come from this.

The woman was standing on the platform when she saw the pair sitting in between the carriages:

...There was hardly anyone on the platform, so I don’t think anyone else saw them and they were well hidden from sight but the fact they had been able to get from one station to another, without being spotted by Irish Rail is shocking. There was certainly no visible staff on the platform to see what was going on...They’d probably travelled on the outside of the train through dozens of stations and at high speed. They could have been killed.It was madness... and I really don’t feel this would happen if the dart stations were properly manned and secure.

Irish Rail was not aware of the situation when they had been contacted but they would examine CCTV footage. The Irish rail authorities are pleading with young people to not participate in the stunt.


"Train surfing" has become a dangerous stunt performed by teenagers throughout the worlds major cities. In some countries such as the UK, authorities have started to fine young people for "train surfing" but it hasn't always curbed their daredevils habits. Many teens share their experiences on Youtube for the world to see:

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