Trinity College Dublin Applications Are Up 10% This Year

Trinity College Dublin Applications Are Up 10% This Year

Normal People gripped not just Ireland but the UK and America this spring. Connell and Marianne turned Sligo and Dublin into very desirable places to live and visit, and now we're starting to see the real-life effects of the show.

Trinity College Dublin has confirmed that applications area up 10% this year compared to previous years. There's no direct evidence that points to a 'Connell and Marianne effect' but it's hardly a coincidence that the popularity of this programme - which sometimes felt like an ad for TCD - could have spurred an interest in the univeristy.

"It did a fabulous job of showing, not just the social relationships that it hinges on, but also the educational journey that Connell and Marianne are both on," said Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Kevin Mitchell.


"The wonderful education that they get and the way their talent is nurtured and they find their confidence and their voice and that's obviously what we hope to do"

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