Trinity Are Set To Build A Massive New €1.25 Billion Campus In Grand Canal Dock

Trinity Are Set To Build A Massive New €1.25 Billion Campus In Grand Canal Dock

This has happened to me three times now. The year I graduated from primary school they redid the whole place, eradicating most of the weird smells and upgrading the 'playground' - a quasi-landfill, full of scrap wood and abandoned tractor tires. The year I left secondary school they began work on an extension and new sports hall, meaning that the long-jump pit no longer contained broken glass. And now, after having graduated from the institution in question, plans to build a new section of campus in Grand Canal Dock have progressed a significant step.

The university is looking to build the 'Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus' on a 100,000 m2 site it bought in Grand Canal Dock earlier this year. They had been looking to get a cost-benefit analysis of the projected development done and have announced that Indecon Economic Consultants are set to carry one out.

It will inform the university, along with shareholders, investors and potential builders of the scale of the costs of the build as well as the benefits, both to the university itself and to the country as a key place of research.

The purpose of the proposed campus is to rehouse the majority of Trinity's research facilities to a new state of the art development and are looking to have the first phase of the build completed within 5 years with a view to ultimately having some 200 researchers working there.

"But Rory!" I hear you cry, "That's all well and good, but I very much feel that this is only fulfilling half of the stated remit of a 'technology and enterprise' campus. You've prattled on about the tech, in spite of our best wishes, but we've our precious little in the way of 'enterprise' you frivolous tease!" To which I say, "If you're going to take that tone with me, please close this tab and move elsewhere friend. If you're willing to apologise, please see the following paragraph in answer to your question."


As part of the complex there will also be contained an enterprise hub for companies to rent office space. It aims to house approximately 500 companies and to create more than a thousand jobs. Now I don't know about you, but that sounds like we're looking at a lot of incredibly small companies, number between 1-3 people. It seems that some of the grimmest office Christmas parties will be set to take place in this proposed enterprise hub once completed.

H/T: Trinity News

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