If You're A UL Student You Should Know Who Chuck Feeney Is

If You're A UL Student You Should Know Who Chuck Feeney Is

To many people the name Chuck Feeney probably doesn't ring a bell, but it should.

Chuck Feeney is the American philanthropist who has donated over €170 million to University of Limerick, as well as hundreds of other Irish businesses, over the past thirty years. It's all been through his organisation Atlantic Philanthropies (AP) which has donated a whopping €1.5 billion in total.

This is a man who's probably one of the soundest living human beings of all time – and here's why.

1. His motto is 'Giving While Living'

Feeney believes you shouldn't wait until you're dead to do something with your fortune. So since 1982 he's done just that, and has donated his entire fortune to charity – what a man.

2. Thanks to his donations UL now has 40 buildings

Instead of the original 11 buildings – imagine how squished you would have been?


3. His donations have developed many facilities in UL

Including the Living Bridge, the Glucksman Library and the Graduate Entry Medical School – just to name a few.

4. He established the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance

Making it one of the most prestigious academies in the world – fact.

5. He also gave funding for the UL Presidents residence

Which if you haven't seen, is very fancy and cost a whopping €2 million to develop. Although many weren't happy about this, the President sure was.


6. He donated €5.4 million to Milford Care Centre in Limerick

It was over a three-year period and helped incredibly with pay for staff, new equipment as well as patient care. He's just that sound.

7. He's also donated over €7.6 billion to Universities and hospitals all over the world

Including Australia, Bermuda, Vietnam, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the United States and South Africa – and a lot of the time asks to remain anonymous.

8. If it wasn't for him there wouldn't be duty-free shopping

He founded it back in the 60s. Where would you get that MAC make-up from without him, huh?


9. Finally...he is considered one of the most generous men in the world

And has saved millions of lives through healthcare and improved education on a global level.


So, if it wasn't for Chuck's generosity UL wouldn't be as modern or as well-equipped as it is today and that's a fact.

h/t: Limerick Leader

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Ciara Finnegan

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