WATCH: Kid Gets Stuck In A Vending Machine In Tipperary

WATCH: Kid Gets Stuck In A Vending Machine In Tipperary

You know when you're a kid, or an adult, and you just want to dive in to that vending machine and take that teddy that you've technically already paid for?! Well, this kid, Jamie from Nenagh, just gave the middle finger to the rules and regulations of vending machine life and dived right into a vending machine. The video is going viral and we're predicting his urban myth nickname will be "vending machine child".

Jamie's dad had turned his back for a second when the 3 year old managed to find his way in. The video shows Jamie stuck in the vending machine, rummaging through toy heaven, whilst his brother tries to get him out or join him - we're not entirely sure. Jamie told his dad the reason he went into the vending machine was "because I'm scared!". Beat reported that an off-duty firefighter was close-by to rescue the infant and Jamie got to keep his favourite toy!

Happy days!

Watch the hilarious video below:



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