'Wet' Pubs Are Set To Reopen On Monday 21 September

'Wet' Pubs Are Set To Reopen On Monday 21 September

'Wet' pubs, or merely 'pubs' to the average person are set to reopen on September 21.

The decision was made following much debate in the Cabinet, with the reopening of pubs being continually knocked back due to the increases in COVID-19 cases throughout the country.

The caveat of the news does not rule out localised restrictions if there is an increase in cases. The government are particularly wary of a rise in cases in Dublin and Limerick over the past number of days.

Furthermore, this news of regular pubs being reopened opens up the debate regarding spectators attending outdoor events, particularly sporting events which could accommodate social distancing far better than an indoor setting like a pub.

Also, there's the small matter of colleges reopening on that date as well. Several colleges are welcoming back students following a prolonged hiatus, and although with blended learning, students will be off-campus more than they're on campus for their studies, there will be a student population that will be around colleges.


If there's a rise in cases following the reopening of pubs, will young people again be blamed?

The positives of this news mean that certain people can finally return to work after a significant layoff. Also, sound systems across the country can bump Earth, Wind & Fire to celebrate the return of pints.

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Sean Meehan

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