Whatsapp's New Feature Is What EVERYONE Desperately Wanted

Whatsapp's New Feature Is What EVERYONE Desperately Wanted

"UNSEND...UNSEND!" you scream into your phone the moment send those drunk messages. You curl into a ball and wonder: why is life so cruel? Why can't you just press delete on life? Well, your life is about to become a whole lot easier!

Whatsapp is introducing a new 'unsend' feature and we're all rejoicing with future drunk texts in mind. Recall, the new name of the Whatsapp 'unsend' feature, could give you a five-minute window to take back any messages that you have accidentally sent.

The feature, which is currently disabled, will not work for older chats. You can edit the post or delete it entirely and it's not just messages, you can recall everything from photos, giphys, and videos with the new feature. When you tap on the message you will be given the option of recalling it or deleting the message. The option to delete the message will only delete the message on your device.

The new update has the feature disabled but once they have ironed out any issues the feature will be available to use for all its 1.2 billion users.Why not text your crush or send that angry text message? You can just take it all back! Recall where have you been all our lives? We're expecting people's levels of anxiety to greatly decrease in the coming months.


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