The World Reacts To Ireland's Next Referendum On Blasphemy And It's Hilarious

The World Reacts To Ireland's Next Referendum On Blasphemy And It's Hilarious

Repealing parts of the constitution is something Ireland has become a dab hand at. Now the government is proposing to host a referendum on removing blasphemy from the Irish constitution.

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan brought the proposal to Tuesday’s meeting in the Dail and the cabinet agreed. The referendum is likely to coincide with a vote on a clause that priorities woman's domestic role overwork and the presidential election, if one takes place.

Current blasphemy laws in Ireland, article 40.6.1 (i), indicates that a person or otherwise can be fined up to €25,000 for a blasphemous act. Blasphemy is defined as a:  “matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion”.

The law was updated in 2009 and as of yet, no one has been prosecuted. In 2016, Garda investigated a complaint made accusing Stephen Fry of blasphemy after he declared he did not believe in God on Gay Byrne's Meaning Of Life. 

Advertisements, media and the film industry have been most impacted by the law as several projects have undergone censorship due to being considered 'blasphemous'.

Of course, the brilliant minds of the world took this opportunity to poke some serious fun at the ridiculousness of it all.Some welcomed the break away from the emotionally distressing referendums of the past:



Many were hoping that alternatives would make the list of constitutional issues we need to repeal.

Or removing the 'nonsense' at the beginning of the constitution:

The referendum is expected to be held in October.

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