10 Embarrassing Things We All Wore To The GAA Discos

10 Embarrassing Things We All Wore To The GAA Discos


Because apparently we thought that being allowed to the local GAA hall meant we were heading for a full on RAVE. GAA disco prep was not complete without a trip to the local pound shop to pick up these bad boys. They seemed like the height of being cool... Until some eejit snaps one open and almost blinds the poor kids next to him...


What. In. The. Name. Of. God. Were. We. Thinking. It baffles me to this day as to how we were let out of the house looking like something off of Snog, Marry, Avoid? Alas, the humble tutu was the official uniform of the pre-hun disco era, and many of these gals probably grew into the grade-A you see taking selfies in public today.

Shutter Shades


If it's good enough Kanye, it's good enough for teenie boppers. After Stronger went to number 1 in 2007, these less than useless sunglasses were all the rage. And once Penney's started stocking them, they were a must have purchase ahead of every GAA disco.

Hot Pants

Again. HOW WERE WE LET OUT LIKE THIS?! HOW DID WE NOT CATCH OUR DEATH? WHY DID CLOTHES SHOPS EVEN STOCK THESE? I'll tell you why, so you were guaranteed to be asked "Will you shift my friend?" Case closed.



Because if "Blow My Whistle"came on and you didn't have a whistle... Well, what were you doing with your life?

Hula Flowers

Nothing says "Hawaiian luau" like wearing hula flowers to a freezing club hall in November. Between glow sticks and whistles it's amazing we actually found room to breath under all that decoration...

Silver Chains


I'm looking at you fellas. This was't specific to GAA discos per se, but the epitome of a young LAD at a GAA disco consisted of three main components - Lynx spray, a dodgy gel job and the silver chain. (Cue the sound of swooning girlos.)


Where should we look for style inspo we thought to ourselves, and for some reason we chose Geri Halliwell in the video for "It's Raining Men". If you were really cool you even matched your legwarmers to your tutu, which was more than likely a shade of highlight you'd find in your pencil case...

And still we thought we were stunnin.

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Lauren Cassidy

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