14 Essentials For Your First Term Back At College

When we go back to college we pack everything that we think that we're going to need and end up using quite literally none of it. There are some things that we forget we really need and instead, we focus on needing sixteen throw cushions and lots of fairy lights (ladies, here's looking at you). Have a look at the following list and make sure that you have everything you need up to date and ready to go...

1) Sleeping Bag


Not for you, for all the times your friends stay over. Being woken up at 6am because their 'freezing' and want to spoon you is really annoying. It's worth it, take it from me.


2) A Netflix Login



It’s college, there will be downtime and there is only so much Law and Order and reruns of Murder She Wrote you can watch.


3) Tin Opener


Might sound obvious, but when you wake up in the morning and all you have are two tins of spaghetti hoops and one slice of slightly stale bread, you'll thank us.



4) Toilet Paper


You can seriously never have enough of this stuff. NEVER. Buy in bulk (and then some).

5) An Ashtray



People putting their butts in your cups is gross and even after the dishwasher, the stink lingers.

6) A Case Of Desperados


College Times' all-time favourite beer. The beer that tastes like tequila... This is the crowd pleaser that GUARANTEES a good party. Trust us, you'll be sorry to miss out.


7) Speakers


Playing music from your phone is neither enjoyable nor necessary. Buy a set of speakers, they are so worth it.


8) Bottle Opener



Because opening beer with a lighter gets old and it hurts your hand! Get one you can attach to your keys, and don't lose your keys.

9) Plastic Cups


Collect them by the truck load. Broken glasses are a pain to clean up and you'll just end up drinking out of a vase by Christmas. Not ideal.



10) Playing Cards


Playing cards are great for bringing out the true nastiness in people and seeing just how competitive they can be. They're also great for flirting/breaking the ice. Learn the rules to: Shit Head, Ring Of Fire and Bullshit.



11) Incense/Scented candles


It makes your room smell decent and it's always good when you have company...*cough cough*


12) Charger



You need to get yourself one of those portable chargers that charges your phone when you're out and about. There are few things worse in this life than your battery going while you're in the MIDDLE of Facebook chatting with that babe from your sociology lecture. SO KEY.


13) Pasta


I can't stress enough how much pasta you need. Like you need so much. Just keep buying and stealing from your parents and you'll never be (that) hungry.


14) A Calendar


Yeah, so it might remind you of your parent's kitchen, but these things come in mighty handy! There are going to be many, many events to keep track of, as well as a lot of essays coming your way. You'll be surprised by how much that you forget unless you have things down on paper. DO IT!

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Clara Caslin
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Clara is a self confessed lipstick addict that loves blogging about beauty and fashion on her blog Chatterbox Clara. She loves 80's music and films and is also obsessed with romantic, classic black and white films and Disney films too! She is a major animal lover and aspires to be a broadcast journalist.

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