5 Reasons You And Your Friends Need To Visit Zadar This Summer

5 Reasons You And Your Friends Need To Visit Zadar This Summer

Croatia is a country that for a long time was underrated by most tourists. In recent years its popularity has skyrocketed, with capital city Dubrovnik becoming the real life home of King’s Landing. A city that is still flying under the radar, however, is Zadar. The fifth largest city in Croatia, it is nearly half the size of Waterford. It may not be a particularly big place, but it is not lacking for charm. If you’re looking for a city break a little bit different, Zadar is worth a look. Here are 5 reasons to visit Zadar: 

Plitvice and Krka National Parks

One thing Croatia does very well is its national parks, and Plitvice and Krka are two of the best, both within an hour of Zadar. There are numerous tour operators in the city, and for around €40, they will provide transport to the park, entry to the park, your food for the day, and a ticket for a boat trip within the park. Once you’re there you’ll be taken through a narrow path over streams full of fish and frogs, through dense trees, before coming out in view of the falls. Plitvice is the nicer of the two, but Krka has one advantage: a swimming area. It’s a hell of a relief after walking in such heat, and you’ll never have a more picturesque swim.


It may sound ridiculous to say that a sunset is a good reason to go somewhere on holiday, but the sunset in Zadar is just that good. To put it in perspective just how amazing it is, on some nights, people actually applaud it. Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock called it “the most beautiful sunset in the world” and it’s hard to know how you could beat it. The promenade in the Old Town is the best place to witness this breathtaking spectacle. A great dinner plan is to get a takeaway pizza from Vesuvio pizza, and sit out on the pier and watch it all unfold.



Zadar was heavily influenced by Roman and Venetian culture, so fans of Italian food will be very happy in Zadar. There is no shortage of Italian style pizzerias, with revolutionary ideas like hot dog stuffed crust. They are not expensive either, dinner and a drink for two people can come to as little as €15 altogether. The Italian influenced culture, also means that there is gelato to be had on every corner. The Croatians also love their grilled meat. Be it a side of pork, a marinated chicken fillet, or just a big fillet steak, it’ll be some of the nicest you’ll ever get your hands on. It’s still good value for money, with a good-size steak costing around €15.


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Sea Organ & Monument to the Sun

The Sea Organ and Monument to the Sun sit at the top of the Old Town’s promenade. The Sea Organ is an instrument which makes music out of the waves, via underwater pipes. The sound is then piped out through the marble steps above it. Alongside this hauntingly beautiful sounding piece of architecture is the Monument to the Sun. You’ll have to wait until it’s completely dark to get the full effect of this. Where the Sea Organ uses the waves to create sound, the Monument to the Sun uses the waves to dictate its light patterns.


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Boat trips

There is a seemingly endless selection of boat trips available out of the harbour. You’ll have to choose carefully however, plenty of them will have people packed in like sardines, and it is a long old trip. Most go through Kornati National Park, a collection of nearly one hundred seemingly lifeless islands, totally devoid of civilisation. There are several attractions within the islands, most notably Zadar’s only sandy beach, and some picturesque fishing villages towards the outskirts of the national park.


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Zadar is a city break with a difference; on one hand, you have the standard museums, shopping, nightlife like any other city, but you have the option to go visit some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It's affordable, everything in walking distance, and there are direct Ryanair flights there from Dublin. What more could you want?

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