8 Reasons You Should Visit Split; Croatia's Coolest Student City

8 Reasons You Should Visit Split; Croatia's Coolest Student City

If you're planning on going interrailing this summer or even just looking for a week away, you should seriously consider Split. Split is a city on the southern tip of Croatia that boasts crystal blue water, water sports galore and of course, deadly nightlife.

It's one of the most overlooked cities for Irish student's interrailing, and we're here to stop that. If you're looking for an international location full of like-minded travellers, Split should be ticked off your list.

Here's just a few reason why we love it so.

1. The hostels are great

There are so many funky hostels to stay at in Split. We highly recommend Backpackers Fairytale for a "home away from home" feel.


2. It's always buzzing

No matter what time of the day there's always something happening in Split. Whether it's street performers, hanging at the beach or the buzzing nightlife, Split is most definitely a young person city.

3. You can go full Total Wipeout on a real-life water course

It's fun for everyone. Strap a GoPro onto your head and go crazy.

4. There are so many water sports you can do

Whether it's kayaking, jet-skiing or scuba diving, there's literally something for everyone.


5. It's a travellers paradise

Travellers from all over the world flock to Split to soak up the sunshine and meet other travellers. No matter what hostel you stay in, you're sure to make friends whether it's with other hostel-goers or even the staff.

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6. Its history is fascinating

Come visit Diocletian’s Palace where a Roman emperor once lived, or how about you check out theCathedral of St Domnius – one of the best-preserved ancient Roman buildings standing today. If you're looking fo history, Split has it.


7. It's got lots of great pub crawls

We recommend the Tower Pub Crawl. For just €20 you get all you can drink alcohol for 2 and a half hours, (and we mean you can choose anything) free pizza and a free t-shirt.

8. Its sunsets are breathtaking

Need I say more?



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