7 Tips To Keep Yourself Safe On Your Post-Leaving Cert Holiday

7 Tips To Keep Yourself Safe On Your Post-Leaving Cert Holiday

For many, the Leaving Cert is finally finished which can only mean one thing – the 6th year holiday. It's something you've probably been saving for all year and it's just around the corner.

Although you've probably got the talk from your mammy about safety and what not, it's something you genuinely should take into account. For lots of you, it'll be your first holiday without your parents, which means budget, safety and not acting the maggot need to come into the equation.

We've rounded up some tips that could be the difference between an amazing or an awful holiday.

1. Make sure you have travel insurance

6th-year holidays are the main culprits for broken teeth, bones and other injuries. Make sure you have insurance and have your policy printed out and put in a safe place, it could be the difference between a quick fix or a lot of waiting and money wasted.

2. Get to know your surroundings


It may seem like a silly thing to walk around aimlessly on your first day but it's essential. If you somehow get lost, the last thing you need is having no idea how to get home. There are a lot of thieves who prey on people who are by themselves, so being able to get home as soon as possible is a good thing.

3. Practice safe sex

I think it's a given that a lot of people have sex on their 6th year holiday. It's so important that both boys and girls have condoms on them at all times. The last thing you want is to do something you regret, so always insist both you and your partner use some form of contraception.

4. Find out if your hotel has a safe and use it


It's a little-known fact that cleaners and hotel staff in these 6th-year-holiday destinations can sometimes steal from your room. The way to avoid this is by using a safe in your room, or down in the hotel lobby. Put all your important documents and money in here and only take out what you need.

5. Budget before you go

Don't be one of those people who spends like crazy without a thinking about it as you'll run out of money. By having a loose budget that covers food, activities and of course, partying, you'll end up not having to worry about missing out.

6. Stick to your friends like glue

Under no circumstances ever leave a friend on their own. There are people who will target them for this reason specifically, so always do a headcount.

7. Finally...don't feel peer-pressured to go mad

Just because your brother or sister got a tattoo, it doesn't mean you have to. Try to go easy on the drink as well, the last thing anyone wants is to have to bring you home from getting too drunk. You don't have to stop drinking altogether, but taking it slow is way better than blacking out.

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