71 Things Every Student Should Do In Europe Before Entering The Real World

71 Things Every Student Should Do In Europe Before Entering The Real World

Travelling around Europe isn't all Big Ben this and Eiffel Tower that. There's a lot of other cool stuff to do and can only really enjoy to the fullest when you're as young and untouchable. So make the most of your summer vacay and go do the things other wouldn't think of! Here are 71 things every student should do in Europe before entering the real world...

1. Have A Session By The Seine

Going out in Paris can be very expensive, it's common enough to be overcharged at the bar if they notice you're a tourist, so grab a few cheap bottles of wine and the rest of your crew and head to the Seine to enjoy the world's fanciest session.

2. Visit This Badass Castle at Neushwanstein, Germany

This is genuinely where all Disney characters reside. It's about 2 hours out of Munich on the train but it's totally worth it to see this awesome castle surrounded by some seriously awesome Alpine mountains.

3. Drink 2500 kinds of beers in Brussels

Visit Delirium Cafè in Brussels where they have 2500(!) kinds of beer on tap!  There's no chance you'll leave this place sober, you'll find it hard to leave at all with its chill atmosphere and lovely staff.


4. Track down Nessy

Some people believe he's just a myth, but I believe. I mean if there wasn't a giant lizard monster living in a loch in Scotland THEN WHY DO PEOPLE GO LOOKING FOR IT ALL THE TIME? Get down there and track him yourself, it's an ideal day trip from Edinburgh, make sure to grab some pub grub after all that hard searching.

5. Go see the Colosseum... In Pula, Croatia

There's actually hundreds of Colosseums around Europe, obviously the one in Rome is the most popular. But why be conventional? You can to Rome anytime. Pula is a haven for sunshine and cheap booze as well as delicious brain food.

6. Visit Riga, Latvia

Riga is Latvia's largest city and is certainly underrated when it comes to travelling Europe. The architecture will make you feel as if you're in storybook with its small cobble streets and romantic-style buildings. Also, the booze here is really cheap and the nightlife is crazy!


7. Bungee Jump in Switzerland... James Bond Style

Remember Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye? I kind of do. But you can go Bungee Jumping off the same Dam like he did in that movie! That's pretty badass if you ask me.

8. Grab a waffle in Covent Garden, London

Maybe it's just me who has a slight obsession with Belgium waffles, but I'm telling you, this place has better waffles than any waffle outlet in Belgium. Just beside the super exciting Transport Museum you'll find the Convent Garden mall, skip all the shops and go to the waffle stand to have your tastebuds blown away.

9. Stay In Hostel Celica in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ever wanted to stay in a hippie chic hostel with a imprisoned vibe, well look no further! Hostel Celica in Slovenia has been transformed from a prison to the world's hippest hostel! After you're done hanging out with the other travellers you can return to your cell for a good night's sleep.


10. Fulfil Your Childhood Dreams & Go To Disneyland Paris

So clearly your parents didn't love you enough to bring to Disneyland as a child, well now is your chance! I didn't see the big deal until I arrived, almost immediately I was blown away with this whimsical sense of eternal happiness. You're better off buying tickets online which are available at student prices before you go so you can skip the queue once you get there!

11. Go Ghost Hunting In Edinburgh, Scotland

'The City of The Dead' tour was probably one of the best tours I've ever been on. The guides are great craic, even if you don't believe in ghosts this tour makes the history of Edinburgh really interesting. My advice is to go on the double tour: that way you get to see the eerie underground vaults and the world's most haunted graveyard. Totally worth the 13quid (11 if you're a student!).

12. Panda watch at Berlin Zoo, Germany

Panda's are adorable so why wouldn't you want to see them? Berlin Zoo is without a doubt the best zoo I've been too; the selection of animals are amazing, the place itself is gorgeous and you can pet fish in the aquarium! It's a definite must-see in Berlin.


13. Try not to pee your pants at Pulpit Rock, Norway

Ever wanted to prove just how 'hard' you are, well hop on the first plane to Norway to stand on top of this death trap. Surrounded by beautiful scenery at 1982 feet (!) up from the lake, you'll never be slagged over being a wimp again. Don't show your poor Mammy the photos, she'll have a heart attack.

14. Look over Lisbon At Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, Portugal

For the best view in Lisbon go here! The sunset over Lisbon is just beautiful and free! So grab some booze and a blanket and head for the summit. You can always use the blanket as a poncho when you head out to the club, the Portuguese will love you kookiness.

15. Take an educational trip to the Sex Museum, Amsterdam

Have you ever seen a mate's profile picture of them beside a giant model penis, well this is where they went. The sex museum is surprisingly not respected to the degree as The Van Gogh museum, but it should be. It's a great laugh with your mates and it's cheap enough at 4 euros.


16. Indulge in Mother Nature at the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

This is probably the most breathtaking nature park in all of Europe, and it's not that hard to get too! If you find yourself in Zadar or Spilt (both are major cities in Croatia) then you'll see day trips offered everywhere! It's totally worth the journey, and you get to swim in the lakes too!

17. Go to Sziget, Europe's Biggest Music Festival In Budapest, Hungary

If you're a big fan of music festivals you should make Sziget a priority. Every year this week long festival plays host to huge international acts such as The Prodigy, Blink 182 and Queens of the Stones to name a few headlining this year. You can either camp at it, or stay in Budapest which is just a stone's throw away as the festival takes place on an island in the centre of the city!

18. Eat a Hotdog in Vienna

The Viennse love their weiners (lol). Hot dog stands are everywhere and they're amazing! You can get sausages with melted cheese in the centre and the meat itself is delicious. A must-eat when in Vienna.


19. Go to the Museum of Street Art in Zagreb, Croatia

So maybe you the Mona Lisa doesn't float your boat? Or The Statue of David didn't get you going. Well there's no doubt that the Zagreb Museum of Street Art will keep you entertained. Expect really cool pieces of graffti and really trippy contemporary art pieces. Plus it'll make you seem interesting when talking to shiny new people.

20. Drink At Long Island Lounge in Frankfurt, Germany

This place is freaking awesome! The drinks are a bit on the expensive side, so a sneaky naggin down the jacks and you'll be grand. Plus there's a pool. A POOL!

21. Go Kayaking at Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is a must see on any interrail trip, anyone who has done it will insist that you go and I the same. It's absolutely beautiful and great for hiking and swimming too!


22. Watch Free Willy Swim In Iceland

Or least he kind of looks like that whale from 'Free willy'. Seeing something that big in the ocean will be a memory you'll never forget. However, it's not the cheapest of tours: usually ranging around 50 - 70 euros and lasting around 2-3 hours, you do get your money's worth. Whales are pretty epic, so it's worth splashing the cash.

23. Visit Siena, Italy

Just south of Florence, Siena hosts some spectacular scenery and gorgeous food. Although, don't expect to get away from the madness of Italian nightlife as Siena offers a fantastic selection of bars to drink in and friendly locals to drink with!

24. Visit Musee D'Orsay, in Paris, France

You don't have to be a massive art nerd to enjoy Musse D'Orsay. The paintings hosted here are mostly of pretty flowers and naked women so there's something for everyone. The interior itself is pretty awesome, it's free in if you're a student or if under 25 and a part of the EU (so bring your passport if you don't have your college I.D). Also there's a pretty nice waffle stand outside, just saying.


25. Go Sex Shopping In Pompeii in Naples, Italy

Yep, turns out erotic pottery was pretty popular pre-volcanic explosion. Pompeii is a pretty cool site in itself, it has loads of ancient ruins that were preserved by hot ash after Mount Vesuvius blew its top in 79AD. If you're a history nut then a visit to Pompeii is definitely up your alley!

26. Visit this creepy as Hell church in Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

Situated in the town of Sedlec outside Prague, this creepy ass church is home to over 20,000 skeletons. But it will definitely be a trip to mass you will never forget!

27. Go to an opening/closing party in Ibiza, Spain

Some thingsyou can only get away with when you're young, so might as party your ass off in Ibiza opening or closing week. These two weeks, the opening happening in May and the closing in August/September, host huge international djs like David Guetta, Afrojack and Fat Boy Slim. It's a massive celebration so the atmosphere is incredible!


28. Canoe through the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

This little canoeing excursion will have a big impact on your inner explorer. Capri is a train ride away from Rome so it's good for a day trip and there are places everywhere to book a tour with. When you're inside you're more than welcome to go for a swim in the beautiful blue water. Very tempting.

29. Go on a pub crawl in Split, Croatia

The 'Tower Pub Crawl' is one the highest rated pub crawls across Europe. These lads will sort you out with great booze including a 90 minute open bar, great local bars/clubs and f*cking great time, not bad for 20e.

30. Get the ride at Europa Park, Germany

Voted one of the best parks in Europe (it's not about Mickey Mouse) Europa Park offers some seriously adrenaline-filled rides. It's a bit of a trek from Munich but it's totally worth it if you're an adrenaline junkie.


31. Go to the Boulder Bar in Prague, Czech Republic

Have you ever had an overwhelming desire to get drunk and go rock climbing? Me neither. But if the opportunity arises then why not? Boulder bar hosts a whole new drinking experience and imagine the craic you and your mates would have doing this. Definitely a drinking experience worth doing.

32. Visit Electric Light: The First Museum of Florescent Art in Amsterdam, Holland

Officially titled Electric Lady, this museum is very trippy and inexpensive at 5 euro per entry. The experience is totally surreal and makes for some awesome photographs! Just don't get too out of it before you go as you may trip balls and flip out.

33. Get freaked at the Capuchin Crypt, Roma

This Capuchin Crypt will literally send shivers up your spine. But it does offer you a nice break from the hot weather if you're visiting in the summer. Composed of thousands of Friars bones, there's no doubt in my mind that you'll be creeped out. But still, it's an experience.


34.Visit this awesome abandoned Cooling Plant in Drogenos, Belgium

If you spend a lot of time on the internet you've probably seen pictures of this already. Well turns out it's an hour outside Brussels, now I'm not going to encourage to trespass but if you are interested in visiting this site then it's easy enough to get to (google it).

35. Take The Ultimate Instaphoto at Cirque Terre, Italy

Simply beautiful, so why wouldn't you go?

36. Drink at Klo bar Berlin, Germany

Sure it may look like you may get murdered here, but you won't. This quirky bar embodies the personality of a madhouse. Random sprinklers will go off, things will jump out at you randomly and gusts of air will come from nowhere! This is all part of the fun so why not go for a drink somewhere... a bit different.


37. Visit the very important Penis Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland

Or the "Icelandic Phallological Museum" as it's so nicely put. You'll see all different sorts of whale willies, fish willies, mammal willies and even elf willies. Even if you're into girls, this museum is still a bit of craic... and yes, there's a gift shop.

38. Shoot some stuff in Prague, Czech Republic

Just look at how much fun they're having! This one isn't just for the lads, girls should try this out too! There are a few good companies around Prague that will take you out and teach you the basics before shooting some cool ass guns. Pop and glock bitches.

39. Visit Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison at Perè Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France

You can't be blamed for being uninterested in visiting a graveyard, but Perè Lachaise cemetery is actually pretty cool. The tombs are spectacularly impressive and you often feel as if you're in a horror film, plus it's free.  Always a bonus on my list.


40. Go to Florence, Italy

I haven't met one person who didn't agree that Florence is the most beautiful city in the world. The small cobbled streets give you this incredible sense of being surrounded in history. You'll actually find historic art pieces on the wall, and passed by as if it was no biggie. It's. Just. Exquisite.

41. Care 4 Bears in Croatia

Why not take some time to give something back to mother nature? Kuterevo is a refugee camp for brown bears who need help in order to be re-entered into the wild. Activities include feeding, playing and getting locked when they go to bed. Awesome.

42. Go Skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland

It's voted the number one place in Europe to go sky diving year after year, and let's face it, it looks spectacular. Why not make your trip to Switzerland extra special by falling with style in Interlaken.


43. Sample Vodka at Wodka Bar, Krakow

If your drink is cranberry/vodka, well your mind is about to be blown. Wodka bar has over 1000+ kinds of vodka to try there's no doubt you  leave this little cafè with a new favourite vodka... or sober for that matter.

44. TOMORROWLAND, Boom, Belgium

If you're a HUGE EDM fan then you've probably already heard of this amazing music festival, you also probably know how hard it is to get tickets to it! From my own attempt at getting tickets there are three things you need; hope, patience and a lot of email addresses as it's only one ticket account to one email address.

45. Drink in an Igloo, kind of, at The Absolut Ice Bar in Stockholm, Sweden

The Absolut Ice Bar in Stockholm is basically like drinking in an igloo, you're surrounded by ice and people in really big coats! It's a little more pricey than other bars but it a drink experience worth doing.


46. Get some Dunkin' Donuts in Berlin, Germany

This my favourite place to get donuts in the entire world! The prices are really good for the quality of these little bundles of joy and the staff are always nice, plus there's wifi. Franchises are dotted all over Berlin, but my personal favourite is in potsdamer platz.

47. Be surrounded by Butterflies in Amsterdam's zoo, Holland

Located in the city zoo is a big greenhouse full of moths and butterflies. It's actually pretty enchanting once you get used to the flying insects, and in Amsterdam every experience is enhanced.

48. Visit the little town of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

If you want to get the real Czech experience outside of touristy Prague then head to Cesky Krumlov. A cute historic town situated in the Czech countryside.


49. Get tipsy and go see a Westend Show, London, U.K.

This is always a blast, although you may lose track of the plot line the musical numbers will have your inner self screaming with enjoyment. Look around in different tickets shops for last minutes tickets, you can get them for up to half price so it's worth shopping around.

50. Ride the Dragon Khan at Port Aventura, Salou

This roller-coaster is awesome! The ride starts by making it ascension into the heavens, where you can see for miles before dropping a few hundred feet, reaching a speed of 110kph while zooming through 8 giant loops of absolute terror. It's perfect for those who do not fear death.

51. See the Salt Mines in Krakow, Poland

Who doesn't want to go mining eh? lol jk. This mine stopped manufacturing in 2007 but tourists flock here to see the awesome sculptures in the rock, which are actually worth the visit. It's in the metropolitan suburb of Krakow so it's literally a metro ride away.


52. Cycle around the very pretty Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a little cute town located in the east of Belgium. There's not much going on, but that's the beauty of it. The architecture is stunning, with tall medieval buildings and adorable red bricked bridges. It's certainly a town concerned with the simple things in life.

53. Island Hop In Greece

Pathos, Ios, Mykonos, they're all beautiful. These islands are full of party enthusiasts who love the sun and love to party. What's fantastic about island hopping is that if don't like whatever you're on, the next one is only a short boat ride away!

54. Party in Kapital nightclub in Madrid, Spain

Kapital is known among local Madrid folk as the best nightclub in the entire city. It a pretty huge club full of crazy ass Spaniards out for a good time. The music is a great mix of chart and hip-hop so expect to be on your feet all night.


55. Buy a book at Shakespeare & Co. in Paris, France.

This is definitely the coolest bookshop I've ever been to. Shakespeare and Company is just across the Seine from Notre Dame (St.Michel side) and has the ability to make you want to red everything this place has to offer. Upstairs you'll find a local playing the piano and artists/writers/actors standing around chatting.

56. Sip cocktails from tea cups in Edinburgh, Scotland

Cocktails in teacups. This may be one for the girls, but lads if you’re secure in your masculinity give it a go! The bar itself is very quaint and cosy! It’s a little out of the way, situated in the new town, but taxis are very cheap, much like the prices! Plus, think about how good it’ll look on Instagram.

57. Get yourself geared up for the Zombie Apocalypse

Yep, there are now Zombie Apocalypse camps that you can attend. Most of which are available around the UK and is the ideal choice for any lads (or ladies!) holiday.


58. Go to Sarajevo, Bosnia

The Bosnian war ended just under 20 years ago, but it's still safe for tourists. As the wounds are still fresh this makes for an interesting time to visit Bosnia's capital, Sarajevo. It's truly a beautiful city and the locals welcome tourists with open arms.

59. Visit Dracula's Castle, Romania

Just look at how epic Dracula's house is! Although this was in fact a medieval fortress it was the description of this castle which Bran Stroker use for the literary classic Dracula.

60. Get involved in the world's largest food fight at La Tomatina in Madrid, Spain

Who knew two lads having a rage-infused food fight in 1945 could turn into the world's largest food fight? The La Tomatina event occurs annually in the small town of Buñol, usually takes place at the end of August. It's getting bigger year after year and apparently the after party (when everyone has showered) is incredible!


61. Overlook Venice on top of the Campanile, Italy

Although the queues may be a bit daunting it's worth the wait to climb this tower where you have, in no doubt, the best views of Venice. As it's the highest building in all Venice the sights are uninterrupted. Tip: Go at sunset, the queues aren't as bad and it's a lot cooler.

62. GO TO LEGOLAND! Outside Munich, Germany

Anyone who needs convincing to go to Legoland probably doesn't have any friends.

63. Walk the Camino de Santiago, Spain

Have you ever gone for a walk to clear your head? Well this is the ultimate reflection walk. The Camino de Santiago is officially a pilgrimage, but many young people do it to reflect on themselves and figure out their life. It can take anyone from 25 - 35 days to complete you so can imagine its' length. Definitely a once in a lifetime solo journey of self-discovery.


64. Have the bants at Lourdes, France

Lourdes is essentially Disneyland for Catholics, but it's also a pretty good place to visit while you're young. The town itself is really beautiful as it's surrounded by rolling hills and enchanting forests. Plus your Mammy will love the souvenirs.

65. Go to the Optical Illusions Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Optical Illusions Museum is the best craic in Edinburgh. The entire museum hosts a great selection of mind tricks and funny gags, brilliant if you're with your mates. It's just before the castle and costs 7 pounds with a student card. Totally worth the visit.

66. Party In Muffatwerk, Munich

It’s a pretty cool place! It’s located in a former power plant which makes the acoustics of the music pretty awesome.  The crowd here are chill and friendly. The drinks are cheap too!


69. Attend Papal Mass, like A boss at the Vatican, Rome, Italy.

If you ever have the opportunity, then why not? It's free and you'll probably get away with not going to Christmas mass. Sneaky naggins all round.

70. Visit Tallinn, Estonia

Despite its toy-town appeal, Tallinn is a haven for incredibly nightlife! By day you'll find yourself wandering the beautiful romantic street in the old town, and by night you'll be clubbing it up in the city's new town.

71. Start planning & get going!


Happy travels!

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