8 Reasons You And Your Mates Need To Go To Berlin

8 Reasons You And Your Mates Need To Go To Berlin

Everyday Ryanair flights are having another sale so you need to get grab your ride or die and get those cheap as chips tickets to one of the best destinations in the world - Berlin.

Need convincing? Well, we have eight reasons why this place needs to be on your bucket list:

1. Berghain

Are you even in Berlin if you're not trying to get into one of Europes most exclusive techno nightclubs? There's no photography allowed inside but you'll often hear whispers on the grapevine of how mental this place is. Check it out for yourself.

2. The People


Other than the terrifying bouncers of the Berghain, Germans are sound as a pound and Berliners are happy to help tourists. English is commonly used so if you're not fluent in German it's not an issue.

3. LGBT Friendly

The world can be a pretty backward place at the best of times but Berlin is one of the most open and liberal cities in Europe. Did we mention Berlin was voted the most fun city in the world?

4. Tiergarten

Originally the hunting grounds of a former King, the Tiergarten park is the epicenter of culture in Berlin. You can check out the Museum for Film and Television, Siegessäule (the statue below) and the Reichstag Parliament Building all in one beautiful place.


5. Vegan Food

Check out places like the Lucky Leek and Momos (try the dumplings) for unique vegan food with the perfect casual atmosphere. The food options are endless and if you haven't tried vegan food before then Berlin is the ideal place to begin.

6. The Art


Whether you're an art history student or just a fan of Picasso then Berlin is the ideal destination for you. One spot you can't miss out on seeing is the abandoned spy station.

7. Berlin Wall Memorial

The city is full of World War II memorabilia so we're not busy partying in the present hit up the past.


8. Oberbaumbrücke

If you're going to Berlin then you need a selfie in front of this monumental landmark. The Oberbaum bridge is one of the biggest in the world. The bridge has become a symbol of unity between north and south Berlin.


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