Aer Lingus Announce Massive Sale On Flights To North America

Aer Lingus Announce Massive Sale On Flights To North America

If you were to ask me, I hate traveling. Loathe it. The thought of lugging some of my things through a crowded airport, having to buy an incredibly overpriced sandwich from a weird franchise-outlet that are only ever seen in airports, before boarding a plane and having to watch your seat neighbour's despair as they spill half of their tepid mini-wine over their laps during some turbulence, all fills me with dread.

That's before we even get to the idea of arriving at a destination. Seeing and experiencing other cultures, other ways of life, broadening the mind? 'No thank you sir,' I say - it's just not for me. Then why do I still insist on traveling an amount commensurate to my income and age-profile? Because I love a bargain. You show me a sale, regardless of what it's for, and the thrill of saving, the dizzying rush of thrift, sets me all a-tizzy. As such, whenever I catch sight of a flight sale, I'm already reaching for both my legitimate and counterfeit passport - best to be prepared for any eventuality while traveling - and have already halfway filled a duffel with some of my unsullied underwear in anticipation of my mini-break in Gdansk before I even have time to consider, and subsequently massively regret, my decision.

I largely place the blame for this at the feet of Ryanair and Aer Lingus who, it seems of late, have been locked in some Biblical struggle to best one another in the provision of discounted airline seats. It has today fallen to Aer Lingus to announce such a sale, and they have unwaveringly delivered.

Aer Lingus is offering €100 Off return flights to North America if you travel between  1st August and 31st October 2019. Fly to New York or Boston for €139.00, or Toronto from €144.00 or San Francisco from €189.00

For the full list of discounted flights, visit their website now.


For the record, Gdansk is surprisingly lovely, despite having perhaps the least appealing sounding name to an Anglophone tongue.

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Aer Lingus Announce Massive Sale On Flights To North America

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