An Airline Offering Cheap Flights From Ireland To The US Is Facing Strong Opposition

An Airline Offering Cheap Flights From Ireland To The US Is Facing Strong Opposition

I think we were all delighted to hear about Norweigan airlines announcing a new low-cost transatlantic flight from Ireland to the US east coast. However, the airline has been facing severe opposition from aviation unions.

A group of aviation unions have filed court documents opposing the decision made by the US Department of Transportation to allow the cheap flights to happen. 

From July on, Norweigan Air will launch flights from Shannon and Dublin, that will fly to Stewart International Airport in New York State, along with Providence Airport for people heading to Boston and New England. Not only that, but the flights will feature US pre-clearance in both Shannon and Dublin airport.

Although this is great for passengers, US aviation unions aren't too happy with the news, arguing the reason for Norweigan's use of Ireland as a stopover point is to avoid the US's tougher labour rules.

Even Bernie Saunders opposed the decision in a letter last year to the US Department of Transportation which said, "We must do everything we can to prevent a global race to the bottom in the airline industry. If this permit is approved, it would open the door to the same 'flag of convenience' model that decimated US shipping".

Norwegian’s Chief Commercial Officer Thomas Ramdahl said: Our new transatlantic routes offer Irish passengers more choice, lower fares and now even greater convenience, with use of preclearance facilities at Dublin and Shannon, and a convenient shuttle bus service to take passengers into the heart of New York city".


Flights from Dublin to New York are advertised as €69 each way. Although it may not be great for other airlines, it's going to be great for J1 students.

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Ciara Finnegan

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