12 Cheap Items You Need To Make Your Next Flight Suck Less

12 Cheap Items You Need To Make Your Next Flight Suck Less

There are no two ways about it: flying sucks. It's never a pleasant experience unless you're in first class, but when will we ever afford that? Probs never. So until we make the big bucks, we have to make the most of what we've got back in cattle class, and that means buying travel products. We've found 12 cheap travel accessories that will improve your time before, during and after your flight:

1. Travel slippers

Do not be tempted to wear the airline's slippers. You don't know who's been wearing them but we all know they've never been washed. Bring your own and sleep easier knowing you won't get toe fungus.

2. Multi-bag stacker


Those rolling bags are a great idea until you have two to drag through the airport. This handy strap helps you carry them together. You'll be the envy of everyone in Terminal 2.

3. Bra travel wallet

Savvy travellers know bum bags aren't theft-proof - it's all about the bra travel wallet. Pop things in this lil pouch and never be pickpocketed again.


4. Stretch shoe laces

Getting through security is one of the most painful things on planet earth so how can you speed through? With these snazzy stretch shoe laces.


5. Inflatable plastic hangers


When you get to your destination, and especially if you're in a hostel, you might need a coat hanger. These lil babies are a lifesaver.


6. Hanging toiletry organiser

Heavens above, this is a must-have for any traveller. Chuck your things in it and unravel and hang. No fiddling around for your stuff and then putting it all back in later.



7. Luggage scale

Don't use your regular scales - these luggage scales are where it's at. Simply hang your bag and it'll tell you the damage.

8. Waterproof playing cards


Why do playing cards always get wet? It's a mystery. So take these wherever ye shall go and feel free to play rain, hail or shine.

9. Reusable plastic baggie

I don't know about you but all the plastic bags I use for customs get destroyed along the trip and I have to manically try and find one before we get to the airport. This product avoids all the hassle.


10. Portable foot rest

Not all planes are made equal, or comfortable. Do yourself a favour and lift those feet.

11. Headphone splitter

Nothing worse than trying to sync up your TVs so you can watch the same movie together. Get close and split those headphones!

12. Luxury sleep mask

Those pathetic masks in the airline pack are hardly lightproof. This silky thing is dark as the night and comes with ear plugs as well.


Emma Greenbury
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Emma is an editor and writer from Brisbane, Australia and has been living in Dublin since September 2016 after she decided warm weather and beaches were overrated. She now wears three pairs of trousers every day and loves it.

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