A Game Of Thrones Ice Hotel Has Opened And The Throne Looks Amazing

A Game Of Thrones Ice Hotel Has Opened And The Throne Looks Amazing

It might be 2019 before we can expect to see whether or not Daenerys and Jon will take over Westeros but until then you can treat yourself to your own chilling Game Of Thrones experience.

Finland's Lapland has opened its very own song of ice and fire hotel that would melt even an Oathbreakers heart. The hotel can be found in Lapland Snowvillage and is a collaboration between HBO and Lapland Hotels.

In 2017 a team of ice sculptors from Russia, Poland, and Latvia began constructing the hotel and used over 350,000kg of ice to construct the hotel and guests can see everything from the Braavos Hall of Faces to an Ice Throne.

Like Jon and Egret in that ice cave, guests are given sleeping bags to sleep in -5 degrees and morning cups of hot berry juice to warm you up. All 24 rooms and suites are unique, with their own GoT-themed ice sculptures and ice carvings.

Aside from the hotel, other activities and features of the SnowVillage include reindeer and husky rides, snowmobile safaris, ice movie theatre, ice bar and restaurant where you can get specialities like reindeer meat.


Don't worry that winter is nearly over. SnowVillage in Kittila remains open until April 4. Entry to the SnowVillage is €15 and Game Of Thrones room rates start at €165 a night.


If we're not getting any resolutions, from HBO or GRR Martin's long-awaited sixth book Winds Of Winter, then a trip ice palace needs to be on the cards.

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