How To Get J1 Jobs For You And Your Mates

How To Get J1 Jobs For You And Your Mates

The J1 is a rite of passage for every Irish college student and has been running for years.

Since the visa has changed last year, many people have been wondering how the hell can they sort out J1 jobs for themselves and their mates. The answer is preparation and of course, some determination.

We've made up this go-to guide so you can get your J1 jobs sorted before you head off the Shtates, and have one less thing to worry about. So get ready for a summer of partying, red, white and blue and of course, working with a few Yanks.

1. Head to your programme's Job Fair

The programme you decide to go with will actually have a selection of interviews lined-up on a first come, first serve basis. Try and get in here as quick as you can as it's the easiest way to get a job. They normally host a job fair where you can have one on one interviews with actual employers as well as Skype interviews at the fair, and in your own time. You should try and head to the fair regardless as there's loads of cancellations on the day.

2. Email employers your friends worked with in the past

Since so many people have been on a J1, they understand that everyone helps each other out. Asking people for their employers contact details and even getting them to drop them an email can seriously help with finding J1 jobs.


3. Use the contact details supplied on your programme's website

There will be a tab on how to get a job on your programme's website and you should use it. It'll outline contact details from employers other J1 students have worked with in the past. Email, message them – you have to get brutal.

4. Google and email businesses in the area you're heading to

Attach your CV even if they aren't hiring right now. Explain you're doing the J1 programme and that you'll have a working visa for the summer. Attach an American-style CV and send it to everyone and anyone.

5. Contact family members

If you have an Aunt or Uncle living state-side get in contact with them! It's honestly the easiest way to get a job and will save you lots of stress.



Remember, lots of places will say they aren't hiring until April or May – so don't get dis-heartened, keep trying.


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