How To Do Vegas For Under $30 A Night

How To Do Vegas For Under $30 A Night

Vegas is the best place ever, there's no argument there. However, it's expensive as hell and will leave your bank account in a very sorry state.

What you may not know, is that there's a way to work the system and do Vegas on the cheap. With these insider tips, we'll tell you how to get free into clubs, get free drinks and even get into VIP areas. It's all about contacts. So, if you're heading over on your J1 this summer and want to do Vegas but aren't sure if you'll have the funds, we got you.

Get ready for some sun, partying and most importantly – money saving.

1. Get the number for reps before you go

Reps in Vegas are the key to spending no money at all. If your friends head to Vegas before you do, they're more than likely get approached by reps during the day on the strip. Save their number, say you're someone's friend (they won't remember names) and find out what club they rep for and you'll get in for free. Also, it's a known fact that girls get in for free at Vegas. If you've got some guys in your group, they'll have to pay. This is unless you say that there's more girls in your group and that they're going to follow you in. All you have to do is make up some fake names along with the names of the lads, and you'll be working the system.


3. Buy all your drink in Safeway and pre-drink before heading out

If you haven't heard of Safeway, you haven't lived, This place is a mecca for cheap drink. As long as you have a card, which you get for just giving your email, you can get up to 40% off alcohol. There's one or two in Vegas which means you can get 1.75 litre bottle of any spirit for €18. There's also free ice in every hallway – ka-ching.

4. Buy your food in supermarkets

This is pretty self-explanatory. By buying your food in supermarkets you'll cut down your costs by loads, who needs to eat meals in Vegas anyway?

5. Eat in your hotel


This will be 10 times cheaper than eating in a restaurant, and they normally do okay food. Listen, if you're all about saving money it's a way to keep costs down.

6. Say you're in a big group to get a VIP area

I think there's a pattern here with lying in Vegas. Lying is the way to go, lads. If you're in a large enough group, getting a VIP table is super-easy. They'll normally think you'll spend hundreds on alcohol, but little do they know you're a cheap-arse.

7. Choose clubs that get you free entry and drinks

If you utilise the free entry to clubs, ask the reps is there any free drink involved. They normally do include free booze, as most people pay up to $100 to get into clubs but again, if you get in for free it's a double whammy for freebies.

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