Broke? Here's How To Travel The World On Just €20 A Day

Broke? Here's How To Travel The World On Just €20 A Day

Travelling may seem like a far-fetched dream people who are minted can actually do, but you would be wrong. Travelling can actually be cheap as chips if you know how to budget correctly.

Sure, Niall Horan had a budget of €20 a day while travelling around South-East Asia, so if he can do it, anyone can. We're sharing some of the top tips and tricks so you can see the world on a student salary.


1. Be realistic with your location

Choosing somewhere like Central America or South-East Asia is the most realistic option for travelling. You can find beds in Cambodia for €2, Nicaragua for €8 and Vietnam can be €9. Not to mention food is super cheap in all these areas which means you'll stretch your money even further.

2. Plan before you go


I know everyone wants to live that spontaneous life where you book as you go, and this is doable for the seasoned traveller, but if it's your first time, plan in advance. Even having the first week of your trip planned out will help you get settled and make the whole process much easier.

3. Learn to rough it out

Although you can get some pretty beautiful accommodation in places like Bali for decent prices, learning to rough it out will only play to your advantage. You can find authentic street food and live amongst locals and truly see what it's like to live in a country.

4. Stay in free accommodation


This is probably safer in European destinations but websites like allow you stay with people for free. All you need to do is sign up, meet your host, hang out and your accommodation is sorted – for free.

5. Finally...write down your expenses

This is an easy way to put your money towards things you want to do like surfing, heading out and enjoying a few drinks. Budgeting is essential for travelling on the cheap, so stop lying to yourself, you're not Paris Hilton, have a little will-power

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